GruppoSerafini | International transport


We are able to provide a weekly delivery service across Europe with the following features: full loads, groupage, picking service, management of the socket, monitoring of the shipment and warehouse management.

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GruppoSerafini | Trasporti nazionali


We carry out a delivery service based on the needs of our clients and ensuring accuracy, quality and speed at all times. 


  • Full loads

  • Management of the outlet

  • Groupage

  • Primary transportation throughout Italy

  • Transport to secondary G.D., D.O., CE.DI. 

  • Transport to Secondary Normal Trade and HORECA

  • Shipment tracking

  • Inventory management

  • Service picking

  • Billing service

  • Order management socket (via call centre)


Areas Covered

SERAFINI UMBERTO DISTRIBUZIONE FRESCHI SRL | Strada di Maratta Bassa 84/G - 05100 Terni | T. 0744.244.476 - F. 0744.242.640